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Take your first step to feeling incredible with a brighter, whiter smile. You will feel     healthier, look younger, and be more confident. Our service is a simple and safe cosmetic procedure guaranteed to give you a whiter brighter smile after just 20 minutes. Teeth stains it’s an unpleasant fact. Everyday items such as coffee, colas, wine, berries, and tobacco will stain the dentin of your teeth. So that everybody wants to have a beautiful smile in their daily life. With using our special Non peroxide whitening gel and our advanced cold blue light technology many customers see their teeth become 2-10 shades whiter with results that can last longer. Our whitening kits are the most advanced non-peroxide whitening kits to whiten your teeth with little to no sensitivity.

Our Peroxide Free Whitening Gel Features

Instant results

2–10 shades whiter guaranteed

Zero sensitivity and no irritation

Zero-Peroxide whitening Treatment

Common stains like; red wine, tea, coffee, curry and smoking, are easiest to remove

Safe for veneers, caps and crowns

Advanced teeth whitening technology allowing even the most sensitive teeth to use our products

Safe, easy, convenient and cost effective


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