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What if I experience tooth sensitivity from teeth whitening process?

The chances of sensitivity for your teeth and gums with our whitening process are very rare.  In Most cases the teeth or gums sensitivity comes from the higher peroxide or unsafe whitening gel .  This happens a lot with trays and white strips.  Our process uses a hydrating gel that virtually eliminates tooth sensitivity. In our treatment we use a zero peroxide gel that virtually eliminates tooth and gums sensitivity.

What type of whitening process do you use?

We use the whitening process same as other brand like Zoom preferred by dentist because we don’t use trays in our treatment which is giving you little more sensitivity. Our products are approved and registered with Health Canada.
One thing you noticed that dentist never use the trays with the blue light in their whitening process because according to the science there is no additional benefit while using the trays with blue light. We don’t use the trays in out treatment because trays are good for at home treatment kits.

When I can see the results of my whitening treatment?

You can see the immediate result after finishing your treatment at our clinic. You will get result minimum 2 to 10 shades whiter.

Can I have this treatment if I have any caps, crowns, or other artificial surfaces?

Yes you can take this whitening treatment but one thing you keep in your mind that your artificial surfaces will not whiten beyond the original manufactured color.

How long will the whitening treatment last?

Our whitening process can last up 6 month but all are depends on your lifestyle and how frequent you whiten your teeth. This is also depends on your food habits kind of using more wine, tobacco, berry, Sodas, coffee, cigarettes and food colorings in most foods these days cause the discoloration or stains.

How frequent do I touch up my teeth?

How frequently you need to touch up is determined by the individual and how quickly your teeth respond to the coloring in the products you eat. (Weekly, monthly or bi-annually).

How Should I keep my Gels safe?
Store your bleaching gel in a cool dry place away from direct sunlight. May be refrigerated but No freezer. You have 2 year shelf life.






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