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Sweet Smile

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A 20-minute light activated treatment that utilizes an LED light as a catalyst to activate the Zero peroxide gel and accelerate the whitening process. Once the gel activated, that help to remove the stain and yellowness to whiten and brightens your teeth safely and effectively without the painful irritation and sensitivity of peroxide. After treatment it gives you beautiful, refreshing white smile. This is the economical treatment to brighten your teeth quickly and guaranteed 2 shades whiter. 


Extreme Smile

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This is the more intense treatment to give you excellent result for you valuable smile. Especially zero peroxide gel removes all your stain without any sensitivity to give you brighten smile. This 40 minutes treatment gives you guaranteed minimum 2 shades whiter teeth for you brighter smile. 



Celebration Smile 1

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Celebration SmileThis 60 minute treatment is excellent for your whitening treatment Which will give you minimum 2 to 4 shades whiter.You can have perfect whitening smile for any of your valuable celebration. In sixty minute this will transform your smile to give a nice look to feel you 5 years younger than your age.  Our advances cool blue led light will help you to give a significant whiter and brighter smile, This treatment will give you minimum 2 to 4 shades whiter. You can also maintain your smile after the treatment at home with teeth whitening gel pen that comes with this treatment.




We only available the non-peroxide “take home kits” on our main website Ontario Smile Clinics which is design only for non-peroxide services and products which is approved in Canada. For peroxide whitening treatment we use the whitening supplies form other certified suppliers which contains peroxide gel to whiten your teeth, all these suppliers are registered with FDA.