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Whitening Trays:

Teeth Whitening Heat and Form Tray:

Heat and form teeth whitening trays create a ‘custom fit’
Perfect for take-home kits!
Customer can custom form trays specifically to their teeth


Duplex Teeth Whitening Tray:

Crystal Clear Single Teeth Whitening Tray for both upper and lower teeth. Comfortable design, No need to heat and form! Has magnifying lens to rest lips and ensure Whitening Activation Light evenly disperses across all the teeth.



Custom-Fit Impression Trays:

Simply bite into the soft silicone for a custom impression
Apply a small amount of whitening gel into the tray
Insert into mouth
Silicone Impression, Custom-Fit Tray & Individually wrapped



Breathe-Easy Premium Whitening Tray with Case:

Our NEW Breathe-Easy Premium Whitening Tray with Caseoffers many sophisticated and noteworthy benefits above most whitening trays in today’s saturated market:

Made from soft silicone makes this one of our most comfortable whitening tray’s
Each tray comes with its own protective and sanitary retainer case
Four large holes allows customers to breathe-easy during the whitening process
The Tongue Guard effortlessly controls the customers tongue position
Air Spring Base allows for a comfortable variable bite opening and gentle TM Joint decompression

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